Handmade Tiles
impressed with plants & flowers,
kiln fired, stained,
& smoke-fired in straw

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Tile Wall Murals
and Ceramics for
Home & Office

Arch Tile

Arelen's Clay Studio

Retro Works

I thought that I would include some of my early pieces to show where I began in the clay world. The sculpture of the lady was made in 1960 in high school arts class where little did I know that I would be on the clay pathway for my lifetime. I just knew that playing in clay made me happy!
Over the years I have studied with artists such as:
Carl Rittman WVMHS in R.I. sculpting/casting,
Patricia Beaver Hendersonville, Tn wheel throwing/handbuilding,
Jane Dillon - functional majolica,
Kris Nelson
- wood firing,
Louis Colombarini - Raku firing,
Sandy Simon
- low-fire functional ware,
Ron Meyers
- surface design,
James Watson
double wall wheel throwing,
Marcia Selsor architectural ceramics.
These last seven artists taught at the ceramics department at the Appalachian Center for Craft. How great is it that I moved to a place where this awesome school would be built and that I am now an alumnus of?

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home"
~ Twyla Tharpe

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Custom Pillow Double Arch: image 1 0f 14 thumb
Single Arch: image 2 0f 14 thumb

No.1 of the Wildflower Series: image 3 0f 14 thumb